Classic Bird Parrot Food Breeder 25kg

Optimal diet for parrots

Product contains: 25 kg

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Classic Bird parrot food is ideal for anyone who wants to provide their parrot with a natural and nutritious food.

The special breeder mix is optimally adapted to the needs of all parrots. It contains a wide variety of high-quality ingredients and offers optimal support for breeding success.

This balanced mixture provides the parrot with vital vitamins and trace elements, the best prerequisite for strong plumage and a healthy, long life.

The peanut kernels contained are particularly popular with parrots - due to the high protein content, they have a particularly high nutritional value.
Peanuts are rich in valuable zinc and are one of the most magnesium-rich plant foods.

This all-round mixture offers an optimal price/performance ratio and is eaten with great pleasure by the birds.




Striped sunflower seeds, white sunflower seeds, cardisaat, Dari, white
Milo grain, paddy rice, hulled oats, derby oats, wheat, buckwheat, yellow maize,
Peanuts in shell, peanuts, pigeon nuts, pine nuts, hemp seed, linseed, white millet
Vetches, Peas, Katjang Idjoe


Feeding recommendation


You should ensure that your parrots always have enough food and fresh water. Please remove the empty seed pods (shell and husks) from the food bowl.

Additional information
Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 15 × 40 × 80 cm