teaser-background-1922x600 teaser-produkte-fleischtopf-1300x1053 The complete complete food for all adult and growing dogs. Classic Dog Meat Pot Pure meat pot
Without cereals
Without carbohydrates
With valuable linseed oil
In 5 different tasty varieties
Available in 800 g
teaser-background-1922x600 teaser-produkte-cat-trocken-1300x1053 The complete complete food for adult cats Classic Cat dry food Made in Germany
Natural and balanced feed
With fresh meat
With vitamins and taurine
In 3 different tasty varieties
Available in 1 kg and 4 kg
teaser-background-1922x600 teaser-produkte-cat-nass-1300x1053 The complete complete food for adult cats Classic Cat Wet Food Developed according to scientific findings
With vitamins and minerals
With valuable ingredients
Gently prepared
In different tasty varieties
Available in 415 g and 100 g
teaser-background-1922x600 teaser-produkte-dog-nature-1300x1053 The supplementary feed
for adult dogs
Classic Dog Nature The ideal complement to the
      Wet food and barfing
In the practical DoyPack
Wholesome, healthy and delicious
In 5 different varieties
Available in 1 kg and 1.25 kg
teaser-background-1922x600 teaser-produkte-horse-1300x1053 The supplementary feed
for horses
Classic Horse Treats Now new in the range
The healthy reward for horses
High-quality ingredients
Without added sugar
In 3 delicious flavours
In a practical 1 kg bag

Classic - the only brand, that really covers ALL needs. Save on price, but not on care!

We love all animals. That's why Classic has made it its mission over the years to make dogs, cats, rodents, birds and pond fish equally happy - and at an affordable price. Balanced recipes and nutritional concepts for all pets ensure optimal nutrition. The Classic brand has already been
20 years on the market and has many years of experience in the pet segment.

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