Classic Bird Garden Dumpling Nature 30s dumpling oNoF.


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The top quality year-round feed

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Classic Bird Tit Dumpling is an excellent food for free-living birds.

The varied composition not only provides the birds with the necessary energy reserves, but also with important vitamins, minerals and trace elements.Especially titmice but also sparrows, greenfinches, treecreepers and nuthatches and some other species benefit from the nutrient supply from the Classic Bird titmouse dumplings.

The fat in the dumplings helps to build up feed reserves and prevents moisture from penetrating the ingredients and spoiling the feed.

In winter, the vitamin- and fat-rich feed forms a nutritious and important support.

Especially when the snow cover is closed and the frost lasts for a long time, you can help the birds through the icy period by feeding them in winter.

By providing enough food, especially in harsh winter months, you help to maintain the species richness of our native wild birds.

The tit dumplings are of high quality and stay firmly together. There are no leftovers that could pollute your garden.


Cereal flakes, sunflower seeds, natural fats, peanuts, minerals.

Feeding recommendation

Year-round feeding as required