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For over 20 years, the Classic brand has been offering tasty food for dogs, cats, rodents, birds, pond fish and now also for horses. With their balanced formulation and species-appropriate nutritional concept, Classic products ensure optimum nutrition for pets and also offer an inexpensive alternative.

The entire Classic product range impresses with its quality and variety. Always tailored to the respective needs of the different pets, the Classic brand is a reasonably priced alternative with clear and simple solutions for keeping dogs, cats, small animals, birds, pond dwellers and horses. With a great deal of expertise and the valuable knowledge of the experts, a wide range of products has been developed over the years that offers animal lovers customised and simple solutions for living together with their pets.
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Remarkable product portfolio

The range of different Classic products includes wet and dry food supplies as well as bakery products, snacks and nutritional supplements for four-legged friends. With good performance characteristics, cat owners can fall back on an ideal premium-quality clumping litter. For their small animals and rodents, pet owners can choose from balanced food mixtures, an optimally matured litter and for birds and pond fish a wide range of special feeds. The exclusive Classic brand attaches particular importance to the balanced recipes of the respective feeds, to the ecological product approach of the hygiene products as well as to fair prices. With these specifications, the Classic products present themselves for all animal lovers in always proven quality and an appealing price-performance ratio.


Classic - The healthy and delicious product world

Classic Dog 

Classic Dog offers dog lovers an extensive range of products - from dry food to wet food, bakery products and snacks to nutritional supplements - to help keep their four-legged friends healthy. Classic Dog is optimally tailored to
is tailored to the nutritional requirements of dogs and is made from high-quality raw materials in a special
gentle process. Care is taken to ensure that the natural vitamins are preserved as much as possible.

Classic Cat 

Classic Cat also offers owners of velvet paws ideal basic care for their pets with dry food, wet food and cat litter. Adapted to the special nutritional needs of the little hunters, Classic Cat's ideal nutrient mix consists of the best raw materials, while Classic Cat's clumping litter combines an ecological product approach with extreme absorbency and ensures perfect hygiene in the animals' quiet little place.

Classic Friends

The Classic Friends range also reflects the aspect of a balanced and species-appropriate diet as well as important animal hygiene. With the food for rodents and dwarf rabbits and the right mix of nutrients and vitamins, pet owners can make a significant contribution to a healthy animal life and lots of joie de vivre. Comfortable cleanliness is guaranteed by the ecological rodent litter based on straw with 400 percent absorbency. It is also 100 percent compostable.

Classic Bird 

Budgies, parakeets, canaries or parrots: Classic Bird is also represented with special food mixtures for feathered pets. The species-appropriate all-round mixtures for the various flying artists contain, among other things, vital vitamins and trace elements and thus provide the best conditions for strong plumage and a healthy and long animal life.

Classic Fish

Classic Fish provides healthy and species-appropriate food for all pond fish. From floating food sticks to highly digestible flakes, sticks and dried natural food, the products enable balanced feeding due to the carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vitamins they contain. The high and consistent quality is guaranteed by constant quality controls.

Classic Horse - New in the range

The new Classic horse treats are a healthy reward for between meals. We do not add any sugar. 
The treats don't crumble, don't stick in the bag and don't go mouldy like carrots, apples or bread, for example.
The price-performance ratio is right here.