Classic Bird Garden Bird Food Bucket 3kg

Top product with many healthy raw materials that our native birds love to eat

Product contains: 3 kg

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Year-round feeding of garden birds is becoming increasingly popular.

Fruits and dried insects ensure that all hell breaks loose at your feeding station

The garden bird food with its varied composition offers the particularly popular birds such as: Nightingale, Red Robin, Wren, Redstart and various tit species the food adapted to their needs to become and remain at home in the garden. It compensates for inadequate food supply due to unfavourable weather, the use of insecticides and herbicides and increasing urban sprawl.

The big advantage is that the food is eaten completely without shells.
No leftovers are left around the feeding station.




Vegetable and animal fats, cereal flakes, extrudates, striped sunflower seeds, dried insects, mixed seeds, nuts and dried fruits

9.4% Water
4.2% Crude ash
14.9% Protein
20.4% Crude fat
3.7% Raw bevel


Feeding recommendation


Year-round feeding if required

Additional information
Weight 3,4 kg
Dimensions 22,5 × 22,5 × 19,5 cm