Classic Friends Straw Litter 24kg/approx. 60l

A pure natural product

Product contains: 24 kg

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It is made exclusively from renewable raw materials and is 100 % biodegradable.

Thanks to its super absorbency (400 %), Classic Friends straw litter naturally binds liquid immediately and reliably prevents bad odours before they arise.

Product advantages:

Classic Friends Straw Litter is 100 % environmentally friendly and consists of pelletised straw. Through a multiple cleaning and pressing process, Classic Friends Straw Litter is
particularly low in dust. The absorbent power of the straw pellets guarantees that liquids and odours are quickly trapped. Classic Friends straw litter can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way via compost or organic waste bin.


After contact with liquid, it is immediately absorbed into the straw litter pellets. Liquid and odours are thus safely trapped. The application areas (rodent cages etc.) thus always remain hygienically clean.

Instructions for use:

  • Fill a clean rodent cage at least 3-4 cm high with litter.
  • Remove soiled areas and fill with new straw bedding.
  • Disposal with household waste or in the organic waste bin (please observe municipal regulations).
  • Do not dispose of in the toilet.






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Weight 24,268 kg
Dimensions 18 × 35,5 × 80 cm