Classic Bird Nature Mix 2,5 kg

Supplementary feed for free-living birds for year-round feeding

Product contains: 2.5 kg

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Classic Bird Naturmix offers a high-quality and energy-rich mix without shells.
You can feed this tasty food all year round if required. In addition, it leaves no shell residue and is therefore ideal for the balcony or terrace.
Classic Bird bird food is composed of balanced and species-appropriate ingredients that are adapted to the year-round needs of wild birds. We produce without preservatives, additives and artificial flavours.
The highlights:
- Selected seeds in a classic mix - ideal for feeding all year round
- Important energy supplier for birds due to fatty peanut kernels and vegetable oil
- Also ideal for young animals due to soft ingredients
- Promotes the health of free-living birds
- 100 % Natural product made from energy-rich seeds, grains, flakes - Without wheat!
- Premium quality ingredients
- Made in Germany
- Species-specific food source for year-round feeding of our wild birds in the garden
- Nutrient-rich grain feed for a full supply of protein and energy
- Special food for grain-eaters such as tits, finches, sparrows & Co.
Classic mixture with selected and shell-free ingredients for year-round feeding.

FREE OF AMBROSIA AND ADDITIVES: No unwanted additives. Without preservatives. Free from colourants.




Rolled oats, wheat flakes, peanuts, oat kernels, sunflower seeds, sultanas.



Feeding recommendation


If you have enough space, you should create several feeding areas to avoid competition and expand the biodiversity of visitors.

Avoid placing the feeding station near busy roads and windows.

Place the feeding station near trees and bushes that facilitate the approach and offer hiding places.