Classic Dog Snack Beef Lungs - Chips 1kg


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Beef Lung Chips are a digestible reward snack made from natural dried meat.

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Beef Lung Chips is a digestible reward snack made from natural dried meat.

Beef Lung Chips are hearty and lean treats for any dog.
They are nutritious, particularly easy to digest and therefore an ideal snack for in between meals.

Chewing simultaneously removes plaque from the teeth, massages the gums and strengthens the chewing muscles.

Beef Lung Chips is gently dried in a special process.
Dried meat offers an ideal alternative to fresh cuts of meat from the butcher.
It is equally nutritious with a better shelf life and has a more pleasant smell.

Beef Lung Chips is made from 100% natural meat with no artificial colours and no preservatives.

Please always store this product in a cool and dry place.


Protein: 71.60% Fat: 09.40% Moisture: 02.90%

Feeding recommendation

As a reward snack in addition to the usual main food. Please always provide sufficient water.

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