Classic Dog Snack Chew Stick gluten-free medium 17cm in orange, red or green

Supplementary food for dogs, the ideal dental care snack without gluten

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The new Classic Dog dental care snacks without gluten are ideal during training, for dog training and as a reward snack between meals.

Classic Dog dental care snacks are ideal for all dogs always tasty and full of vitamins and minerals.

Masticatory muscles and dentition are strengthened, while at the same time teeth and gums are cleaned and plaque is permanently prevented.



Zusammensetzung:70 % Reis, Nebenprodukte aus Ölsaaten, pflanzliche Faserstoffe.Analytische Bestandteile:Protein: 6,3%Fettgehalt: 2,3%Rohasche: 5,4%Rohfaser: 12,5%sensorische ZusatzstoffeFarbstoffe: Eisenoxid, Grünkohl

Feeding recommendation

As a reward snack in addition to the usual main food

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Dimensions 2,4 × 17 × 1,8 cm