Classic Cat Cat Litter HighCompact Baby Powder 12kg

An ultra clumping litter with baby powder scent in premium quality

Product contains: 12 kg

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With this cat litter you get the security of offering your cat one of the highest quality cat litters.
It is 100% made of natural clay (bentonite stone), which is unique in today's cat hygiene.

This premium clumping litter is specially made for cats who love cleanliness above all else.
The natural bentonite used exclusively for High Classic Silver Edition comes from a region that is totally isolated from harmful environmental influences and civilisation. Pollutants are thus guaranteed to be excluded. Your cat is naturally protected from bacteria and harmful environmental influences during its hygiene.

The properties of the BTG High Classic Silver Edition bentonite litter will convince you and especially your cat from the first moment.

Extreme absorbency, lightning-fast clump formation and the sensitive properties of the bentonite stone offer maximum comfort. The light and microscopically rounded bentonite granules are especially recommended for sensitive cat paws. During cat hygiene, no litter sticks to the fur or paws.

Due to the quick formation of lumps, the environment of the litter tray remains clean and hygienically pure.






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Weight 12,4 kg
Dimensions 10 × 35 × 50 cm