Classic Dog Nature Vegetable and Herb Mix 1kg


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Supplementary feed for adult dogs

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This vegetable-herb mix is a purely natural product without colouring, preservatives or artificial flavourings. The Vegetable and Herb Mix is a natural supplementary feed made from carefully prepared, high-quality and selected raw materials. The composition without cereals gives you the possibility to use the product for cereal-based feeding problems. The Vegetable and Herb Mix can be mixed into the daily feed ration.




Carrot flakes, pea flakes, beetroot, parsley stalks, leek, herbal mixture* 0.5 % (nettle leaves, carrots, celery stalks, camomile flowers, fennel, caraway, yarrow herb, blackberry leaves, linseed, mistletoe herb, calamus root, rhubarb root, comfrey root, centaury, gentian root).
Analytical constituents:
Crude protein 13.6 %, crude fat 1.0 %, crude ash 5.7 %, crude fibre 7.6 %.


Feeding recommendation


Daily requirement:
The added vegetable-herb mix can consist of up to 20 % of the total feed portion.
Feeding advice:
Mix the Vegetable and Herb Mix with water, meat juice or broth at least 10 minutes before feeding, then mix with fresh or canned meat, stir, ready. Please always provide fresh drinking water in sufficient quantity in a separate container.
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Weight 1,047 kg
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